DaVinci Polymer Roofing Products and New SOLARHIDE underlayment

DaVinci Roofscapes, the manufacturer of synthetic slate and shake tile roofing products has come out with a new underlayment that also serves as a vapor barrier and the new product is called Solarhide.

CLASS A Fire Rating

Recent tests show that by installing a single layer of Solarhide underlayment to a roofing system, roofers are able to achieve a Class A fire rating. Solarhide was specifically engineered to reduce heat transfer into roofing structures.

Solarhide underlayment is made from raw materials and is produced from woven and non woven fabrics as well as pure aluminum. DaVinci’s Solarhide roofing underlayment is 100% recyclable.

Solarhide underlayment
SOLARHIDE Underlayment

Superior Roofing Product

If you are looking for an ultra premium roofing product that holds up to Denver, Colorado’s temperament weather conditions, I would definitely consider Davincis Roofscapes Polymer Slate roofing tiles. The product looks just like a concrete or slate roof and comes with a Class 4 impact resistant rating, and a 50 year warranty.  We have installed many products here in Colorado and this product holds up the best to large hail storms.


We have many happy homeowner that have decided to install Davinci Roofing Tiles over other products and we can provide pictures of installs and testimonials from past clients.

Give us a call today and we can get you a free quote for a DaVinci Slate Roof!