1. Figure of christmas tree in front of cottages

    Safety Tips for Holiday Roof Decorations

    It’s getting to be that time of year where we start to put up our Christmas tree and twinkling lights. While some of us are entirely content with a stocking by the fireplace, others like to go the w…Read More

  2. Neighborhood with stucco houses in front of mountains

    What Do Grass and Roofs Have in Common?

    At first glance, it seems that grass and roofs have nothing in common. In fact, one could argue they are opposites. However, grass roofs are making a comeback. Yes, think roofs of old. In this blog po…Read More

  3. Banner of green shingles with text "What exactly does your roof do?"

    The Underappreciated Roof: What Exactly Does Your Roof Do?

    Without our roofs, we’d be out in the cold — literally. Life would be infinitely harder and intensely uncomfortable. Every day we come home and walk about our homes in relative comfort. We sleep, …Read More

  4. Banner of solar panels on roof with text "Benefits of owning a solar roof"

    Benefits Of Owning A Solar Roof In Denver

    If you live near Denver, odds are, you’ve seen an influx of solar roofs popping up all over Littleton, Thornton, Westminster, Lakewood, and the surrounding Denver Metro Area in the last decade. But …Read More

  5. Small balls of hail on roof shingles

    Did Last Week’s Tornadoes And Hail Storm Damage Your Roof? Here’s What To Do

    Denver has experienced a great deal of extreme weather in recent weeks, from our run-of-the-mill thunderstorms to flash floods, golf ball-sized hail, and even a few tornadoes. Yes, you heard that righ…Read More

  6. April Wind Storm Causes lots of Damage to Roofs in Denver

    Sever Wind storm in Colorado causes Roof Damage This has been an abnormally windy April here in Colorado and we are finding a lot of roofs damaged from the recent heavy wind storms. The winds have bee…Read More