Considering putting solar panels on your roof in Denver? It’s very likely that you are installing solar electric panels. However, there’s a whole slew of other solar energy options out there! Here at Planet Roofing, your trusted Denver roofing contractor, we’re discussing the top 4 types of solar that are widely used by Coloradans.

Solar Electric Systems
Solar electric systems are by far the most common type of solar energy installed in Colorado. Solar panels harness the energy of the sun into usable electricity using the photovoltaic process. In recent years, the price of solar electric installation has become more affordable thanks to government incentives and rebates, favorable clean energy policies and solar financing.

Solar Hot Water
Solar hot water is a very mature, reliable technology that has been used since the early 1900’s. Most homeowners only need 204 panels in order to provide the majority of the hot water used in their home.

Solar Pool Heating
Ever leave your garden hose out in the sun and notice that the water runs warm as a result? That’s pretty much how solar pool panels warm up your pool’s water. First, water is pumped from your pool and circulated through the solar pool panels on your roof. As the sun beats down on the solar panels, the water within the panels warms up. Then, it drains back to your pool and increases the water to a comfortable temperature.

Concentrated Solar Power
Concentrated solar power is used for large-scale installations that supply solar energy to a utility company. By using thousands of mirrors, sunlight is concentrated onto a small area and creates a large amount of heat. This heat drives a steam turbine and that converts it into electricity.