Well, April is on its way, and if you are planning on selling your home, that can be an overwhelming place to be! Many people will have advice for you, but at Planet Roofing, we know that you need to save your money and make as much as you can off the value of your current home. That is why we are taking five blogs to note the most important aspects of your home and how they affect its value.

In our last blog, we reviewed exterior paint. In this blog, we will go over the bathroom and how a great roof can make you a profit.

  1. Refresh your bathroom
    • Next to the kitchen, the bathrooms are the most important rooms in your home. Prospective buyers look at them to see if you have maintained your home or not.
    • You can re-grout tiles and caulk seals to get a great effect. Another cheap strategy with dramatic returns is to replace anything with a handle and update your light fixtures. You will get a brighter room with sparkling fixtures, which is immediately appealing.
    • You can upgrade the toilets for water efficiency and a modern look.
  2. Get your roof inspected and repaired
    • Don’t underestimate the role your roof plays in curb appeal. You want prospective owners to walk up to your home and explore inside, but if your roof is in bad shape, they won’t.

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