Hail Stone Highlands

Massive Hail Storm Hits the Denver Metro Area on May 8th, 2017

The huge hail storm that came through the Denver metro area including Golden, Wheatridge, & Lakewood on May 8th was definitely one of the largest hail storms to hit the city in years. Planet Roofing and Solar was out after the storm to help homeowners restore their properties and to stop leaks in their roofs. We met with many people and some people said they had hail the size of Tangerines. We witnessed broken out skylights, damages roof decking, broken solar panels, shattered windows, siding with holes in it, we saw it all.

Some pictures of the storm damage in Lakewood

Planet Roofing and Solar has been working 7 days a week since the storm happened. We are here to help you meet the insurance adjuster in order expedite the claim process to make sure all of your damage gets covered properly by your insurance. After the claim has been made we can put you on the Calendar and setup your roof installation. We are currently installing 4 roofs a day in order to provide our customers a quick turnaround time. Give us a call and setup a free roof inspection to check and see if your roof was damaged in this recent storm. Chances are you have damage to your roof if you live in Golden, Wheatridge, Lakewood, Sunnyside, The Highlands, and most other areas in Denver county. We are a local and honest Roofing Company operating out of Littleton, Colorado. Don’t get suckered into using a out of town roofing company looking to capitalize on a storm only to leave town as soon as the roof is installed. Stay with a trusted local business with good warranties that will stand behind their roofs year after year.

Here’s a few pictures of some recent installations from the storm