Finding a good roof inspector should be easy, but like many things in life, it’s more complex than it should be. Because a roof inspector has the power to make you spend your money on repairs, you really want someone who knows their stuff and will generate an honest report you can use to make your roof better. In our last blog, we explored the first step to weeding out bad inspectors: ask to see a sample report. It should be around 20 pages long and include pictures. If it’s shorter, don’t use that inspector! Today, we’re going to discuss an important thing to watch for.

Does the inspector perform repairs or recommend a certain contractor?

  • If the inspector does, you’ve run smack into a conflict of interest that won’t work in your favor. In order for a home inspector to give you honest results, the inspection must be impartial. This is impossible when a contractor wants to get extra money from you by doing repairs or earning commission from a contractor by recommending them.
  • Now, some states allow inspectors to work on your roof, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them. We recommend avoiding these inspectors and finding one who only does inspections.

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