At Planet Roofing, we offer both residential and commercial roofing services. We are proud to be allies to both families and businesses, keeping them safe, warm, and dry with our world-class roofs. When we work with businesses, we have found that there are several common misconceptions that stick around. In the next two blogs, we are going to dispel these commercial roofing myths!

MYTH: Metal roofs get rusty

Truth: This issue has created aggressive innovations to the materials used for metal roofs. As a result, modern metal roofs are made to last. Many of them are made of steel coated with zinc and aluminum to prevent rust. Oftentimes, a layer of paint is applied over that layer.

MYTH: Metal roofing gets struck by lightning often

Truth: While metal conducts electricity, it does not attract it. Rather, lightning is attracted to objects high in the sky like trees, power poles, and antennas. Metal roofs are actually safer than other types of roofs because they are non-combustible.

MYTH: Green roofs leak and damage buildings

Truth: Green roofs are more waterproof than other types because special precautions are taken to protect them. There is actually no evidence that green roofs leak any more than other types of roof, and if you want a green roof, you should explore it further.

Don’t let myths about roofing keep you from moving forward with your vision. Modern technology has made commercial roofing dependable and tough. Contact Planet Roofing today to learn more about how we can help you!

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