Commercial roofs are extremely important. They protect businesses, their employees, and their customers from the elements. At the end of the day, they protect jobs and the families that depend on the income. You may think that is a way-too-serious perspective on commercial roofs, but it’s the way we see them at Planet Roofing. We take commercial roofing very seriously, because we know what is at stake.

In our last blog, we debunked three unhelpful myths about commercial roofs. We are finishing up today with two more.

MYTH: Pressure washing will not damage roofing shingles like asphalt and wood.

Truth: Your roof is made to shed the water that falls on it. High-pressured water is a totally different challenge. If the pressure is too high, water will be forced behind the siding and under the shingles. This is the last thing you want, because it can undermine the structure and result in mold and mildew. If you think pressure washing is the only way to clean your roof, you need to give us a call. We can suggest other effective options that will preserve your roof rather than shorten its lifespan!

MYTH: Radiant barriers deteriorate asphalt shingles

Truth: If you do not know what radiant barriers, they are a type of insulation installed underneath the roof deck. Tests have shown that radiant barriers heat the asphalt shingles more than other barriers. However, asphalt shingles are created to heat up and be fine. There is no proof that their performance gets affected by the heat from radiant barriers.

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