In a housing market that is always changing, having the upper hand is a must. When you get your roof inspected by a professional inspector, you may have to pay for some repairs. However, you will get a certificate that you can use to your advantage when selling your house! At Planet Roofing, we cannot tell you how many times a good roof inspection has given buyers the confidence they need to sign on the dotted line.

A roof inspection is different from a house inspection. A house inspection includes everything beneath the roof, and all too often, a house inspector will fail to give the roof much attention. That is why it can be incredibly valuable to have a professional roof inspector come in and take a look. In our last blog, we discussed how the layers of your roof will affect your inspection results. Today, we want to discuss previous roof repairs.

What Has Been Done for Your Roof?

If you want to avoid inconvenience, you will need to share your roof’s repair history. It isn’t required in every state, but roofing companies and, more importantly, house buyers, will have trouble trusting you if you can’t tell them about the last few things done to your roof. When it comes to inspections, the inspector will want to look at repairs to see if they were done properly. Having a record to share will make your roof inspection that much faster!

At Planet Roofing, we offer free roof inspection. This isn’t an official inspection, but we will look your roof over and give advice for moving forward. Contact us today!