Your home’s roof is one of its toughest parts. Not only does it deal with water and wind, it also deals with extreme temperatures and sunlight. Sunlight is especially aggressive in Colorado, where it shines almost all year round.

In our last blog, we detailed some tips for strengthening and monitoring your roof during February. Looking ahead toward spring is the best way to prepare, and February is a prime time to do just that.

  1. Look for icicles on the eaves
    1. Icicles have long been a charming winter decoration. However, in reality, they often indicate roof problems.
    2. If you have icicles forming on your eaves, you may have a clogged gutter. You may also have condensation in your attic or your roof may not be draining properly.
    3. If you have any of the above issues, your roof’s structure is at risk. We encourage you to encourage us for a free roof inspection so that your roof is ready for the spring rains.
  2. Get roof work done
    1. There is no reason to wonder if your roof is doing well or not when you can access a free inspection. Planet Roofing is proud to be the best of all the roofing companies in Denver, and we are dedicated to living up to our name.

We offer great promotions that will make any roof work you need far less expensive than you expect. We only use the very best roofing materials, so that you can be confident in our handiwork. Contact us today to start a conversation – we are here to help you!

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