We all know that it is better to maintain things rather than neglect them and run into expensive repairs. Your roof is no exception. If you keep tabs on it and stay up on repairs, you will save a lot of money, stress, and time. When you find a good roofing company, the task becomes even easier.

In our last blog, we addressed the icicles that show up in February and what they mean. They are often indicators of clogged gutters and condensation in your attic. In this blog, we are going to address ice that builds up on your roof itself.

  1. Inspect your roof for ice dams
    1. Colorado’s bright sun, combined with its intense storms, creates a freezing-melting cycle that builds up ice on the edges of your roof.
    2. When your roof gets bogged down with ice, it can no longer drain water off your home, which is one of its sole responsibilities. The ice traps melted runoff, which freezes in the night and builds the ice dam even higher.
    3. Get professional help when dealing with ice dams. This will ensure that your roof does not get damaged when the ice is removed.
  2. Call for a roof inspection
    1. As we said, identifying issues early is the best way to avoid expensive repairs. When you get a professional inspection, it is easy to maintain your roof and stay on top of its health.

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