HVAC systems are essential to any commercial building. Not only do they keep the air comfortable and clean for the occupants, they remove moisture so that the internal structure doesn’t suffer water damage. Most HVAC units are installed on the roofs of commercial buildings, and they can cause issues if facility managers aren’t aware of what can go wrong.

Faulty Installation

  • If you’ve seen an HVAC unit, you know they are both large and heavy. It is absolutely critical that they be installed correctly. Otherwise, they can cause perpetual leaks and structure damage. If you’ve having an HVAC unit installed or replaced, contact us so we can send a professional to oversee the process and ensure your roof doesn’t get damaged.

Technician Issuesdreamstime_xxl_50134401

  • Following our previous point, the people who do the installing can cause issues. It may not be the unit’s problem after all! Make sure you do your research and get technicians who have enough experience to recognize potential problems. You also want a technician who knows how to walk on your roof without damaging it. Again, having a roof technician on hand can be the best plan.


  • HVAC systems remove moisture from your building, but if they have been improperly installed, the moisture will pool. A good flat roof will have drainage systems to get the water off. The unit needs to align with the drainage systems, so having experienced technicians with both HVAC and roofing knowledge is the best way to get a system you can depend on.

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