Realtors will tell you that the bathroom and kitchen are the main selling points for your home, but don’t underestimate the significance of your roof! Any savvy buyer will avoid a house with a sketchy roof, and a great way to calm their worries is to present them with an inspection certificate. You can only get this certificate from a dedicated roof inspector, which is different from a house inspector.

In many states, roof inspections are optional for sellers. However, as we said, a smart seller will go ahead and get the roof inspected. Buyers love certificates of approval! In our last blog, we discussed how the pitch of your roof (how much it rises per foot) affects your inspection. We have also discussed roofing materials and roof age. Today, we’re moving on to the next characteristic your inspector will examine: the number of layers on your roof!

Let’s Talk Layers!

  • When a roof needs replacing, contractors and homeowners have a choice. They can either tear off the old roof before installing the new one, or install the new shingles on top of the old ones.
  • While layering roofs can be convenient at the time, it also perpetuates old problems and can get too heavy for the house’s frame. As a result, many states have laws about the number of layers you can have on your roof before you have to tear them all off.

At Planet Roofing, we generally recommend removing the old roof before nailing the new one down. It’s a chance to mend chronic issues and start fresh. Contact us to learn more about our roofing services today!