dreamstime_xxl_10739064You might be moving into a new house, or maybe you’ve been in your home for a while and you are wondering if your roof is due for replacement. Either way, knowing the age of your roof is important. We are going to use today’s blog to share three ways for you to figure out how old your roof is!

Ask the previous homeowner or seller

This is the easiest and least accurate option. Some people painstakingly record their home repairs, but they are few and far between. Everyone else has recollections that aren’t fully dependable, especially because roofs last so very long. Oftentimes, the current owner won’t have replaced the roof, and will only have the recollection of the previous owner.

Get an estimate from a roofer or home inspector

This is the next most accurate way to ascertain your roof’s age. Though you will still get a rough estimate, the professional will be able to read the roof and give you information you can use to move forward.

Get the building permit date

Depending on where you live, a building permit may be required for roof replacement. If your area has this rule, you can go to the county government database and search your property by address. You will be able to see every building permit that has been submitted for the property.

We can assess your roof, estimate its age, and advise you on how to move forward. Contact Planet Roofing for free inspection from the best of the roofing companies in Denver!