If you’ve decided to get your roof officially inspected, you’re making a wise choice! We are here to make sure it doesn’t cause you trouble. The fact is, there are plenty of inspectors out there who aren’t in the business to impartially inspect your roof. They want to make money. Fortunately, there are ways to identify them and weed them out. We’ve discussed requesting sample reports and ensuring the inspector isn’t connected to a contractor or doing repairs him or herself. Today, we’re going to share another question you can ask to ensure the value of your inspection.

How long will my roof inspection take?

  • It’s amazing how much you miss when you’re in a hurry. A good inspector will recognize that his or her recommendations will cost you time and money. He or she will move carefully, which should result in an inspection of an hour or more. Basically, the inspection should take long enough to eliminate mistakes that could put you at a serious disadvantage.
  • Additionally, roofs are made of many different systems all working together. An inspector who won’t take the time to assess each system in order to make sure they make a solid whole is not going to help you out.

Once you’re sure the inspector will actually take the time to ensure your roof inspection results are accurate, you can feel more confident moving forward. However, there are are a few more questions you will want to ask before choosing an inspector. We will share them in our next blogs. Until then, contact us in Denver for roofing services you can trust!