dreamstime_xxl_29511724Solar panels have been around for a while, and they have continued to be popular for the benefits they deliver. Of course, people still wonder if the benefits outweigh the costs, but at Planet Roofing, we have learned that solar panels are not only incredibly durable; they enhance any building in multiple ways. If you are wondering if solar power is for you, read on for ways that solar power can help your business!


  • You can set your business apart by being “green.” Using solar power for even part of your energy needs aligns you with the battle to protect the environment. Not only do you have a better impact on your world, people will be happier to trust you because you have shown you care.


  • Installing solar panels isn’t cheap, but it ultimately saves you money by freeing you from paying your electricity bill. Those savings are significant and can make all the difference in the life of a business. Even if you need to pay for repairs, you’re still saving lots of money. And the good news is, solar panels are incredibly tough.


  • The government encourages clean energy with significant financial incentives. Using solar power will establish your business and give you financial support that other companies can’t access. If you’re worried about the cost of installing a system, there are many government programs that will help offset your costs.

Low Maintenance

  • As we have said, solar panels are incredibly durable. They require little to no maintenance, especially if you don’t use batteries. Most systems come with 25 year warranties, and they can last up to 40 years. This is a system you can truly depend on.

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