As we move fully into spring, it’s important to have your roof inspected. Finding a roofing company that can give you the dependable services you need can be quite the task, but there are certain things you can look for to make sure you have found the best craftsmen in your area.

In our last blog, we mentioned checking references and the Better Business Bureau. Today, we have two more things to look for.

Investigate their training methods.

A roofing company that trains their craftsmen will be proud of it. They will probably bring attention to it on their website, or will be happy to discuss with you in detail. You can investigate just what they do in training, like safety training and required skill levels. You want workers that know what they are doing and how to avoid accidents on the job.

Compare their bid to others.

If you do your research right, you will consider a few companies and end up with a few different bids to work with. We recommend that you don’t go with the lowest bid right away. Sometimes, great contractors can offer low bids, but more often, a low bid indicates inferior work and materials. Be cautious. If a contractor offers a low bid, take some time to investigate it and discover just how the bid was reached. Make sure they have made allowances for replacing foundational pieces like the plywood, just in case they find damage.

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