Do you own a business with a flat roof? Flat roofs are very common on commercial buildings, and they play an essential role in the success of any business beneath them. We’ve touched on flat roofs recently, and we want to make sure that you fully understand how your flat roof accumulates moisture. Moisture is the enemy of any roofs, and you might be surprised at how many different ways moisture can attack your roof. In today’s blog, we’re going to go over three main ways that moisture appears on flat roofs.


  • Even if a building isn’t occupied, moisture can become an issue. There are processes that release moisture, and they include curing concrete, drywall installation, and painting. If your building is under construction or undergoing improvements, make sure you get a good contractor. Good contractors will use vapor barriers to keep moisture from casing issues.

Building Purpose

  • Roofs over swimming pools, paper mills, and laundry facilities are at special risk for water accumulation. The good news is, good ventilation systems can prevent water from building up in the wrong places. If you own one of these businesses, making sure your air handling systems are working well is the best thing you can do for the integrity of your building.


  • Moisture isn’t only an issue for paper mills and swimming pools – even offices and retail businesses can struggle with it if it isn’t handled correctly. Warm interior air rises, carrying moisture with it, and the moisture gets past the insulation, only to be stopped by the roof’s membrane. The moisture stays there, eventually building up and causing problems.

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