A popular question we get when someone is considering solar power for their home is, “Is it feasible?” This question implies both financial feasibility and energy resource feasibility, and it is important for us at Planet Roofing to address both. Adding solar panels to your home is a good thing to do because it lets your home make less of a negative impact on the environment. By using solar panel cells, you take the energy that is given from the sun everyday and convert it to work for you instead of depending solely on a power plant located miles and miles away.

Financially, solar energy is more effective long term than fossil fuels and does not damage the environment. Even though installation can be expensive, it offsets the cost and saves you money overtime. If you are in a house that you consider to be a long term home for you and your family, please talk to one of our contractors here at Planet Roofing, because solar energy could save you lots of money in the long term.

In terms of energy resource feasibility, solar energy is a no-brainer. It eliminates the fuel cost for your home which has a negative impact on both your wallet and your home. Now, solar panels only produce power when the sun is up, so there are options for power storage at night, but the beauty of solar power in Colorado is that there are about 285 days of sun a year and lots of opportunities to store power.

Talk to a contractor today to talk through the usefulness of solar panel energy for your home.