September is a beautiful month full of great tree colors and cool temperatures. There’s nothing like fall in Colorado! However, if you’ve lived in Colorado for any significant amount of time, you know that the weather can be crazy. Snow has fallen in the summer, and we’ve had 80 degree weather in winter. That means that snow is not only on its way, it may arrive sooner than you think!  That is why we’re turning our attention to making sure Colorado roofs are prepared for snow. In our last blog, we talked about the importance of checking your gutters and trees. Today, we have two more things for you check in order to have peace of mind when that early snow comes around!dreamstime_xxl_41078311

Understand how much snow your roof can handle

Chances of us getting roof-threatening amounts of snow in September or October aren’t very good. However, it’s good to know how much snow your roof can take. In general, a roof in good shape can handle 20 pounds of ice and snow per square foot. What does that look like?

  • Four inches of ice
  • Two inches of packed snow
  • Four feet of new snow

If your roof has any of these levels of accumulation, it’s time to look into getting your roof cleared off.

Check for long-term rot and leaks

There are certain areas of your roof that stay wet longer than others. Your roof drains water into your gutters, and sometimes, water gets behind the gutters and starts to rot the edge of your roof. Additionally, even if the surface of your roof is dry, that doesn’t mean water hasn’t gotten into your roof. Get your roof inspected to ensure it’s free of leaks.

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