dreamstime_xxl_33553286At Planet Roofing, we have realized that winter is a testing ground for roofs.

Reports are saying this winter is going to be one of the heftiest yet in Colorado. That means our roofs will experience significant snowfall and low temperatures. The constant freezing and thawing of new and old precipitation bring out the weaknesses in any roof. Flat roofs can be particularly susceptible to damages from snowy weather, and in our last blog, we discussed the issues of precipitation and temperatures. Today, we want to talk about something you need to pay particular attention to this fall: leaves.

Leaves and other autumn debris seem harmless, but if you get enough of them, you’ll have issues. If you have trees that overhang your flat roof, it will deposit plenty of leaves on the roof that must be removed before winter. Even if your roof is free of tree overhangs, leaves and other debris will accumulate on it, and it’s always worth clearing your roof off before the snow starts to fall.

Why is leaf maintenance so important?

  • Organic matter like leaves traps moisture and holds it against the roof. Not only that, mold and fungus always develop, and they can be very hard on roofing materials. You need your roof to be as strong as possible, and making the effort to remove debris is more than worth it.
  • Not only do leaves hold damaging moisture against your roof, they can clog up your roof’s drainage systems. Flat roofs are designed to shed water well, but they simply don’t have gravity working for them in the way traditional roofs do. The drainage system for your flat roof can’t afford to malfunction.

You will have the greatest peace of mind if you ensure your roof can shed water right this winter. Contact us Denver for roof inspection, maintenance, and other roofing services.

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