Have you ever considered what solar panels could do for the resale value of your home? We all know the bathroom is the biggest selling point for any home, but solar panels will set you apart every time. It doesn’t matter what the housing market is doing – standing apart is always a good thing! Many people avoid solar panels, because they have heard myths that scare them away. In our last blog, we addressed the maintenance and cloud myths. Today, we have to more myths to blow away!

MYTH: I should wait for solar to get more efficient

Truth: If you believe this myth, here’s a fact: we still use solar technology that was pioneered in the 1960s. Of course, it has been improved upon since then, but waiting for another little improvement does not make sense. Why? Because right now, solar panels can earn you a 30 percent federal solar tax credit and get you the benefits of Colorado incentive programs. Once installed, those panel will work for decades. Solar is a good idea right now!

MYTH: If I have solar panels, my home will still have power when everyone else’s goes out

Truth: Your home’s power system will shut down. It is connected into the grid by your inverter, which converts DC power into AC for your home. The inverter will shut the system off if there’s trouble. If you are determined to have power, invest in a generator for those rare times without power.

At Planet Roofing, we love solar panels. They are perfect for our bright climate, and they allow people to save money while giving the environment a helping hand. Contact us to learn more and for free roof inspection today!

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