The sunny days of summer are on their way, and many opportunities are coming with them, including solar power! And as we learned in a previous blog, solar panels function efficiently even when it’s cloudy, so the opportunity to invest in solar power is always a huge opportunity.

We have found that there are many myths floating around about solar power. When people believe them, they are held back from all the advantages of solar! In our last blog, we addressed waiting for innovation and having power in a black-out. Today, we will bust two more myths!

MYTH: Solar panels will hurt my roof

Truth: People get alarmed when you talk about installing something on the one thing that stands between them and the elements. What they miss in their fear is the fact that solar panels are mounted on rail systems, and they actually make roofs last longer by taking the brunt of the weather. The key is to make sure your roof is not already leaky, and then get professional installers like those at Planet Roofing. We will always make sure that your roof is sealed up and shielded with flashings.

MYTH: Installing solar panels will make my property tax go up

Truth: In most states, homes with solar panels are property-tax exempt! That means that solar panels will give you an advantage you didn’t have before.

At Planet Roofing, we feel privileged to play a role in the well-being of Denver’s people and businesses. We take our role very seriously. Contact us for world-class roofing services today!

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