Solar panels have been around for a long time. If you haven’t explored them, you are missing out. Many people avoid solar panels because they’ve heard myths about them, and they don’t know these ‘facts’ are false! That is why we have use the past few blogs to face these myths and dispel them. We want you to be able to make the best, informed decision for your home or your business.

In our last blog, we addressed roof damage and property tax. Today, we have two more myths to bust!

MYTH: Solar is expensive, and it cannot pay for itself

Truth: Because incentives are so aggressive, getting solar panels isn’t just for rich people. With the upfront costs defrayed by incentives, it’s easy to get panels that will save you hundreds of dollars a month. Over time, the panels absolutely will pay for themselves. Depending on your state’s incentives, it can be a time period as short as two years.

MYTH: If I want my solar panels to make a difference, I have to buy a system for them to follow the sun.

Truth: It is true that helping your panels follow the sun will increase their efficiency, it is not the key to having an efficient system. The panels are good enough with ambient light that they will deliver significant results without requiring the expense and maintenance of a moving system.

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