Did you know that you can make the Colorado climate work for you? Every time you walk out of your home and feel the sun, you’re feeling energy that you could be using save money on energy costs. If you’ve never considered installing solar panels on your roof, today is the day to start!

When we discuss solar panels with prospective owners, we consistently run into a family of myths. We have been using the past few blogs to dispel them. In our most recent blog, we addressed whether or not solar panels pay for themselves and if you really need a system to angle them after the sun. Today, we are finishing up this series with a few more myths!

MYTH: Solar panels will ruin the aesthetic of my business or home

Truth: When solar panels were new and their benefits were not widely known, some people did think they were an eyesore. However, things have changed. Nowadays, having solar panels on your roof is the perfect way to garner people’s respect as they see your care for the environment. Don’t let this myth hold you back!

MYTH: I will generate extra power and store it in batteries

Truth: Solar systems these days are wired into the electricity grid, which means the power your system creates during the day is returned to you. When the day is cloudy, you won’t be charged for any grid power you use. If you want batteries, they are an option, but they have to be replaced and tend to be bulky and expensive.

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