Spring begins in March, and in Colorado, we still have snow ahead of us. It is not rare for us to get snow in May. However, snow or not, spring is the time to check your home for damages sustained during the icy months. Colorado can be rainy in spring, and you want your home to be able to keep you and your family dry.

In our last blog, we gave a few important parts of your home to inspect, including your plumbing and fireplace. In this blog, we have a few more!

  1. Get your roof inspected and repaired
    • The first step to keeping your home safe and dry is to keep your roof in good shape. At Planet Roofing, we understand the importance of your roof, and that is why we offer free roof inspections.
  2. Get your garden tools ready
    • We know that fall can be a hectic time, and it is easy to leave your tools in disarray. Cleaning and sharpening them will not only make them more effective, it will prevent garden pests and diseases from spreading.
  3. Double-check your foundation’s drainage
    • With rain on the way, you want to make sure water won’t get into your crawlspace or basement.
    • The ground needs to slope away from your home on all sides – by the time you get 10 feet away from the house, the slope should be six inches.
    • Ensure that your downspouts are draining a good distance from your home. Add extensions if you need to.

At Planet Roofing, we are here to be your allies. Contact us to learn more about our services and what has made us the best of the roofing companies in Denver!