There are a few questions that you will need to ask yourself before you make the switch to solar power. In order to ensure you are making the right decision, take a look at these top questions that you need to ask yourself before going solar. Have more questions while reading this post? Don’t hesitate to call your trusted Denver roofing contractors at Planet Roofing!

Will you be able to produce enough power? No matter how energy efficient you think you are, there’s always something in your house that needs to be powered. Keeping your energy consumption low can be a challenge, especially true if you have children! Frequent power needs can cause some homeowners to think that they don’t won’t be able to produce enough solar power to power their home. The biggest misconception here is that you do not need to solely rely on solar; instead, we suggest that you use a combination of electrical utilities and solar to ensure you always have the power your home needs.

Are you prepared to turn a profit? When the meter is read by the utility company each month, if you generated more electricity than you used, the difference is credited back to you as the homeowner. Although this can vary by region, it’s best to check with your utility company to determine if they will buy back the extra solar energy you collect.

Does the cost outweigh the benefits for you? When you see how much it costs to initially install solar panels, the numbers can be shocking. Regardless, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average solar panel lasts for 25 to 40 years. Along with that, there are several tax breaks for installing solar options in your home. In addition to the federal tax breaks, state and local tax credits may be available.