We are Colorado’s roofing at its finest, providing the Denver area with premium-quality roofing and solar services. From beginning to end, our local roofer in Denver has built a process and a business around the needs of our customers. As a homeowner you should educate yourself about Denver roofing practices, installation, roof shingles, roof technology, as well as determining the effectiveness of your roof before storms or snow can render them ineffective. Today we’re giving you a list of common roof misconceptions so that we can help educate our customers while setting the record straight.

1. You can reroof your existing room up to 2 times. While this was once commonly practiced, it is no longer recommended. We know that this is not safe and can be costly in the long run. As a rule of thumb, it is important to tear off your old roof, and then inspect the roof sheath and the wood the shingles are attached to for water damage or insects making nests. If there is damage, you must replace the damaged wood to ensure structural support.

2. The shingles are the only important part of the roof. This is not true. Todays manufacturing improvements have led to the development of under-layments that can make homes more energy efficient as well as protecting your home from water damage.

3. Shingles direct water away from your house and protect you from it. False! Shingles do not adequately protect your home from water! Similarly to our discussion on under-layments, flashing must be installed along the roof to prevent water from seeping into your walls!