Banner of solar panels on roof with text "Reasons solar panels are the future"

We have all heard the back and forth argument about the future of energy. Will fossil fuels continue to be the primary electrical energy source, or will renewable, green energies be? Here at Planet Roofing and Solar, we want to weigh in on this subject as it is dear to us. The planet is obviously important and we work tirelessly to make sure that we not only provide spectacular roofing and solar panel installations, but we protect the environment as we go as well. We are the premier roofing and solar panel company in Denver and Colorado’s Front Range. Contact us today for a free quote or more information.

The Market Has Spoken

When it comes to the most effective and straightforward metric of the future, many people point to the economy. Renewable energy and solar energy has made enormous leaps and bounds in the cost of producing it, and the demand. The market has seen double-digit increases in demand every year and these days many solar installations generate energy at prices comparable to fossil fuels. Furthur, big companies and investment firms have been pouring money into solar, including traditionally fossil-fuel-supporting companies.

Solar Energy is Rising

Even if it’s not cheaper (which it is), it’s better for the planet. Countries like China and India, which are usually counted as among the biggest polluters in the world, have stepped it up with tremendous amounts of solar energy innovation. As residential solar energy spreads, it alone can reduce the draw of household electricity by 80%. As demand and investments continue to skyrocket, Solar power just keeps climbing and creates large measurable gains.

The Technology is Still Growing

We have seen technology in these sectors increase by leaps and bounds as material sciences and energy storage technology grow and advance. From skin design to solar batteries, solar roads, and wearable solar panels, the technology is booming and growing inefficiency while dropping in cost constantly. Currently, the most efficient solar panels convert 23.5 percent of the energy they receive into electricity. Coupled with advances in solar-tracking mounts and use of more common materials, solar power has a bright future.

We Need Solar Power

It makes for more independent energy and has very little emissions compared to its kilowatt production and lifespan. Further, climate change is widely regarded as very real. Scientists have found very strong evidence that correlates human activities to the increase of CO2 and climate change. The threat of disrupted logistic chains and changes in weather means that people both need to reduce their CO2 output and to become more independent from energy grids. As the pressures increase, solar, a solution that works in every climate, can help provide that future.

Looking to join the future? Contact your local solar-panel installation experts. If you live in Denver and the Front Range, Planet Roofing and Solar just so happens to be the best. We take immense pride in the quality services and installations we offer. From roof installation, to roof repair, solar panel installation, and upkeep, our services are the best in Colorado. Contact us today for a free quote or questions!