Colorado winters can be unpredictable, but you are guaranteed moisture, icy temperatures, and sun just intense enough to melt the snow on your roof. The changes in temperature and the complications of freezing and thawing make winter the most challenging season for your roof. It can be even more difficult, because roof repairs are very difficult during winter. The best time to square your roof away is in the fall … which is now!

Take a good look at all your walls and ceilings. If you see any damage, you probably have leaks that have already happened and are ready to happen this winter. You will also want to keep an eye on your walls and ceilings throughout the entire season, because they will likely be the only indication you have of leaks.

If you have skylights, pay them special attention. When they get covered with ice and snow, their ‘weep holes’ get covered, and leaks can occur. When we come and inspect your roof, we will pay special attention to your skylights to ensure that they are in good shape.

The first step to ensuring a peaceful winter free of worry about your roof is to call Planet Roofing and Solar for a free inspection. We are experienced experts who know how to spot potential issues. You roof has come through summer storms, wind, and sun, and any damages it may have accumulated need to be addressed. We like to offer our inspections for free, because they are so very important. Just because you cannot see damage does not mean it is no there.

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