Composite shingles are very popular because they come in many colors, are affordable, and are easy to install. They come in two forms: fiberglass and organic. The difference is the material in the shingles’ matting – in organic shingles, the matting is made of waste paper. In our last blog, we explored fiberglass shingles. In this one, we will examine organic shingles.

The Cost of Organic Shingles

These shingles cost a little more than fiberglass shingles. They are generally $70-$130 per square. Like fiberglass shingles, the higher-end shingles will be guaranteed for life, while the lower-end ones will last 25+years.

The Disadvantages of Organic Shingles

  • They are heavier and more difficult to install
  • Because they are paper-based, they are not as fire-proof
  • They absorb more water and are prone to warping
  • They are more expensive

The Advantages of Organic Shingles

  • They contain more asphalt, so they last longer
  • Their durability enables them to outlast severe storms
  • They do far better in cold climates

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