Now February is finishing up, we have come through the majority of winter. It is time to inspect your home and make sure that winter hasn’t damaged it. This inspection is very important to do before spring rains come. In our last blog, we explored some great areas to check. We have some more for you!

  1. Get your roof inspected
    • Because your roof is your home’s first defense against the elements, it needs to be a high priority on the checklist. The good news is, Planet Roofing offers free roof inspections, so you won’t pay for anything unless your roof needs work.
  2. Check your plumbing
    • The first step is to look at your water bill and water meter. If there is an increase, it is time to check your pipes. Sometimes, pipes freeze over the winter and crack, which causes leaks.
    • The first leaky culprits are toilets, then outdoor faucets, and irrigation pipes. You can check the toilets by turning off the water, taking off the lid, and checking to see if the water goes down on its own.
  3. Clean up your fireplace
    • If you have a fireplace, especially a wood-burning one, you will need to transition it out of winter usage.
    • If you have a wood-burning fireplace, shovel out the ashes and ensure that the damper is closed. This will keep rain, drafts, and animals from getting in your house through the chimney and fireplace.

As we wrap up this blog, we want to emphasize the importance of getting your roof inspected. Contact Planet Roofing today for roof inspection today!

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