In Colorado, hail is a normal part of summer. We are used to hearing reports on the news of hail the size of marbles, ping-pong balls, and sometimes bigger. When hail comes to your town, it is incredibly important to inspect your roof after the storm passes. Call Planet Roofing for a free roof inspection today. However, if you’re looking yourself, the first step is to fully understand the circumstances of the storm and its characteristics.

Consider the following:

Size and density of hailstones – hailstones range in size from peas to softballs, and they are often lumpy and asymmetrical. Look at the hailstones around your property and take pictures.

Wind – wind can whip hail around and escalate the location and severity of hail damage. Take note of the wind’s strength and direction.

Barriers – do you have trees overshadowing your roof? Are there higher buildings that take the brunt of the wind? These factors have a huge impact on hail damage.

Your building materials – siding made of aluminum, gutters, and asphalt shingles will be dented by hail. Vinyl or wood siding will be cracked. It is also important to know how old your roof is – the older it is, the more damage will show.

After you have carefully understood each of these factors, you are ready to inspect your roof and look for the signs we will discuss in our next blog. Like we said, calling a roofer for a free inspection is a great idea. A professional roofer will be able to recognize issues right away. Call Planet Roofing, your residential roofing experts, today!