Having a roof over your head enables you to do so many things – from having a family to running a business. When you are protected from the elements, you can truly pursue your goals and dreams. Roofs are hard-working parts of both homes and buildings, and they last for decades, especially when maintained properly. One of the best ways to keep your roof in prime shape is with roof inspection. In our last blog, we had some great questions to ask prospective roofers. We are finishing up here!

  1. What is your local address and phone number?
    • You want to hear: YES
    • The biggest concern about using a roaming roofer is the risk of something going wrong after they are gone. You will want a name and address you can contact if the job turns out to be problematic. Otherwise, you can get stuck with issues and have to find yet another roofer to solve those.
  2. Where are you going to place the big container for trash?
    • You want to hear: A unique plan for your property
    • The large containers used for discarded roofing are heavy enough to crack asphalt driveways. You do not want the roofer to leave you with yet another project to take care of. If the roofer is planning to put the container in the driveway, there need to be provisions for the driveway cracking.

At Planet Roofing, we are completely committed to keeping Colorado roofs as good as new. We know that a roof in good shape is a source of peace to everyone who lives under it. If you are at all concerned about your roof, contact us for free roof inspection. We have the expertise and experience to keep your house good as new. Contact us today!