Person removing old shingles from roof

Anyone who lives or works in Denver knows about the city’s recent growth spurt, which made it one of the top 20 fastest growing cities in the country over the last few years. With so many people moving to Denver and looking for a place to live, the need for sturdy multi-family roofs has never been greater. Luckily, you don’t have to go far for a roofing service in Denver; we’ve got all the products and services you need right here at Planet Roofing and Solar.

Why Does It Matter?

As residential and commercial roofers, we know how busy landlords, property management companies, and business owners are. This is especially true of those in Denver who have been inundated by the sudden surge in population, and many property managers have put the longevity of their roofs on the backburner in order to address more immediate concerns. Trust us — we get it, and we sympathize with you.

While it can be tempting for property management companies to prioritize other responsibilities over maintaining the integrity of their roofs, the reality is that apartment complexes, condominiums, townhouses, and other rental properties take a beating over the years and require regular maintenance — inside and out. That means staying up-to-date with free roof inspections and hiring a roof restoration or repair service when your multi-family property is in need of a little TLC. Here’s why it matters.

Roof Inspections Can Reveal Serious Problems

One major reason why property management companies should keep up with regular roof inspections is that they can reveal serious problems before it’s too late. If a brutal hail or wind storm recently blew through Colorado, for example, a follow-up roof inspection would expose missing shingles, water damage, mold, and other issues that would otherwise worsen with time.

If roof damage like this were left unaddressed, the value of the property would decrease over time, making it unrentable and costly to renovate and repair down the road. Like most things, early detection and a prompt plan of action is key to mitigating roof damage while you still can, without having to replace it altogether.

Roof Restoration Is Easier Than Replacement

In the event that the roof of the apartment complex, condominium, or townhouse you manage does suffer damage and you get it inspected in time, a roof restoration service can be your saving grace. Not only is roof restoration less of a hassle than a complete replacement, but it is also far quicker and cheaper to have done. A few hundred dollars in shingle replacement, underlying repairs, and re-coating every few years could save you thousands of dollars in water, plumbing, air vent, and structural damage repairs — which is exponentially worse.

Let Planet Roofing And Solar Inspect And Restore Your Multi-Family Roof

Although we only touched on a few reasons why it’s important for property management companies to maintain their multi-family roofs, we hope that this post has helped you realize why roof inspections and restoration should be a top priority. At Planet Roofing and Solar in Denver, our roofing contractors are happy to perform a free inspection and any necessary restoration on your residential or commercial roof. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!