Even in winter, your roof gets a lot of sun. The temperature difference between 12am and 12pm on your roof is massive. Additionally, your roof acts as a layer between the warmth of your home and the chill of the outdoors, which means it constantly deals with huge temperature discrepancies. Your roof has been designed to handle these challenges. However, issues can still crop up, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your roof all winter.

In our past blogs, we have mentioned ice dams. They are generally hard to miss – you will get icicles and obvious ice buildups – but it is important to fully understand them in order to help your roof out this winter. What many people do not know is that ice dams can form in as little as two inches of snow. This means that you do not have to have gotten the storm of the century in order to be concerned – that little snowfall you got last night is enough to start leaks into your home.

Ice dams are formed by the freezing-thawing cycles so common in winter, especially for Colorado homes. Rock-hard ice builds up and blocks melting snow from draining properly off your roof. Once the water backs up, it will find any path it can, including even the smallest weakness in your shingles.

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