Taking advantage of Colorado’s sun is a perfect way to save money on energy bills. Colorado gets over 300 days of sun a year, which means there is an almost constant source of power available to you. If you haven’t been using it, it’s time to start! Our solar panel installers are experts who can give you a unique system perfect for your home or business. In our last blog, we gave you some questions to ask a prospective roofer. We have more for you today!

  1. If you find rotten roof decking, what is the cost of plywood?
    • You want to hear: how much the plywood costs per sheet
    • If your roofer finds rotten roof decking and has to purchase plywood, you want the price to be pre-determined. Otherwise, some roofers will inflate the price of plywood, knowing you have no choice but to pay when your roof is vulnerable in mid-repair.
  2. Is there someone with whom I can communicate onsite?
    • You want to hear: YES
    • Projects don’t always go smoothly, and you need to have someone who can help you out if something goes wrong. You do not want to end up stranded with the crew gone and your roof gaping wide open. A good company will have an employee on site during the whole project.

When you ask a roofer enough questions, the roofer knows he or she is working with a customer who won’t accept anything less than the best. When you collect the questions we’re providing in these blogs, you are gaining the ability to find the best roofer. If you are in Colorado, contact Planet Roofing today and learn more about our solar panel installers and more.

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