Your roof works day in, day out, all year. Keeping an eye on it is the best way to keep it going strong. Because it protects you or your business from the elements, it is important to make sure you know what is going on with it. Roof inspection is the perfect way to stay in touch with one of the most important parts of your home or business. In our last blog, we gave you some great questions to ask prospective roofers. Here are more!

  1. How are you going to protect my landscaping?
    • What you want to hear: clear, specific strategies they will use to make sure your bushes and landscaping are protected. These will be things like particular equipment placement and pre-planned traffic patterns that will keep your bushes from being trampled.
  2. Will you give me an estimate in writing?
    • You want to hear: YES
    • If you don’t have a clear estimate, you have nothing solid to go on should troubles come up. It’s your money on the line, so take your time. Do not sign a contract until you have gone over a detailed job estimate that includes the cost of removing your old roof, installing the new one, and anything else like new plywood that may be needed in the process.

Learning about your roofer is a two-way street. When you have lots of questions to ask, you present yourself as a knowledgeable customer who cannot be taken advantage of. If you live in Colorado, bring your questions to Planet Roofing, and let us show you what a great roofing company we are. Contact us today for free roof inspection.

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