Colorado is a very sunny state! We get over 300 days of sun a year, which means we have a huge power source just waiting to be tapped. Your roof keeps your home or business healthy and safe from the elements, and you can make it do even more for you. When our solar panel installers put in solar panels, you will truly get nature on your team. Read our last blog for the previous questions and then get these new ones down!

  1. Do you offer workman’s compensation insurance?
    • You want to hear: YES
    • You can’t control the chances that employees take on your property. If something goes wrong and an employee is injured, someone has to pay for medical bills. You will be paying those bills if the roofer doesn’t have insurance. Make sure every single worker on your property will be insured!
  2. How will you take care of the refuse?
    • You want to hear: YES
    • You do not want removed shingles to be tossed down all over your property. They need to be contained in one place. Choose the company that will bring a container to your site. It is not up to you to take care of the trash or to supply the container.

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