Spring time weather in Colorado is often mercurial. It changes from one minute to the next so often that Denver residents find themselves wearing layers and having half a wardrobe in their vehicles – just in case! The weather can be sunny and warm at noon, and by 1 pm it can be cold with flurries flying. As the temperatures rise, hail also becomes part of the picture and no matter how many years you live here, photos of bulldozers or snowplows being used to clear city intersection never cease to amaze! High winds and hail can put your roof at risk for severe damage, and it’s important to know when to call a roofing company such as Planet Roofing for a damage inspection and roof repair or replacement. In this week’s blog, we’ll go over one common question people have about hail and roof damage.

Can Pea-sized Hail Cause Severe Damage to My Roof?

  • Pea sized hail is defined as being up to ¼ inch in diameter, and it can cause damage to your roof. There are several factors that can play a role in whether this small hail causes enough damage to get a new roof that would be covered by insurance.
  • The consistency of the hail stones is a big factor in the damage small damage hail can cause. Slushy hail is going to cause less damage that super hard hail.
  • Wind speed and the angle at which the hail comes down also affect the amount of damage.
  • The volume of hail is the biggest factor. If the roof of your home gets pummeled by pea sized hail for hours on end, you will likely have incurred some damage to your roof’s asphalt shingles.

When in doubt, call Planet Roofing and Solar for a free inspection!