Knowing that your roof is in great shape is the best way to relax this winter, and we at Planet Roofing and Solar want you to feel comfortable in your home. Colorado winters usually feature a lot of snow and very cold temperatures, and if your roof is not ready for winter, you may end up using band-aid solutions to help your roof survive until better weather returns.

Temperature differences can cause major challenges for your home. They are most dramatic in winter, when your home is warm on the inside and very cold on the outside. The warmth of your home melts ice and snow. The resulting water can get trapped. It then builds up, creating what is called an ice dam. Melted ice, taking the path of least resistance, is guided along by these ice dams and can get into your roof system and in through flashings. These parts of your home are not designed to handle this amount of moisture, and that’s when you get interior leaks.

Colorado weather helps this pattern of freezing and thawing. Snow systems come through, depositing a lot of snow. The nights are icy, but they are followed by clear days full of bright Colorado sun, which melts the snow and sends liquid water searching for paths of least resistance … and into your home if you have not had your roof inspected and fixed.

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