When was the last time you had your roof worked on? As your home’s first defense against nature, it needs special attention. It has been created to stand up against a massive amount of abuse, and it will continue to be the toughest part of your home as long as you maintain it.

In our last blog, we addressed some frequently asked questions when it comes to roofs. We are eager to share our expertise and knowledge – it is what makes us the best roofers and solar panel installers in Denver. In this blog, we will answer some more common questions.

  • My contractor offers a one-year warranty on my roof. Is that normal?
      1. First of all, you will have warranties from multiple sources during your roofing project, including your shingle manufacturer and your contractor’s workmanship.
      2. Shingle warranties cover manufacturing defects in the shingles themselves. These warranties range from 20 years to lifetime.
      3. The contractor’s warranty covers the workmanship of your roof, including installation. Most of these warranties last one to two years, but there is no industry standard.
      4. Your contractor’s warranty should clearly detail what it covers. If you are at all confused, get clarification.
  • My roof has had only the underlayment on it for two weeks – there are no shingles. Has it been too long?
    1. Time is not the concern here; the underlayment’s condition is what matters. If it has wrinkled or buckled, it should be replaced. Otherwise, you should be good to go.

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