It may be winter, but at Planet Roofing and Solar, we are still on the top of our game! We understand that Colorado winters are not kind to roofs … and that winter is the worst time to have a roof problem. We are here to help!

In our last blog, we explored the answers to questions that keep coming up about roofs and the people that work on them. We are Denver’s roofing experts, so we know the right answers to these questions – and there are lots of them! Read on as we answer some more!

  • My roof has two static vents, but my contractor recommends installing a ridge vent. Do I need this additional vent?
      1. According to the NRCA, attic ventilation needs to be balanced between the eaves and the ridge. Therefore, you need at least half the ventilation to to be at or near the ridge. You may need a ridge vent.
  • How can I reduce or remove ice dams from my roof?
    1. You can carefully remove as much snow as possible yourself, but if your roof slope is too steep, you need to call a professional.
    2. Do not use tools like ice picks, shovels, or anything with a sharp edge. The NRCA does not recommend hosing down your roof or using a hot air gun. A professional will be able to give you the help you need.

Whether your home, apartment complex, or commercial facility needs roofing work, Planet Roofing and Solar is your answer. We have decades of experience will all types of roof, and our transparent, professional service has made us Denver’s favorite roofing company. Contact us for free roof inspection and affordable, excellent craftsmanship!

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