Considering the color of a new roof is an exciting process. It can seem overwhelming, but it is simple when you break it down into steps as we have done. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for the first steps before reading the four below!

  • Complementary colors add dimension
    • If you aren’t familiar with complementary colors, think about the colors of your favorite sports team. Often, teams will choose complementary colors, because they are the most interesting to the human eye. Blue is the complement of orange. Yellow is the complement of purple. Green is the complement of red. When selecting a roof color, go for something that will be interesting. Matching your roof to your home is one of the worst looks there is. Be bold and go for it!
  • Tone down exterior with simple color
    • There is a very good chance that the rest of your house is busy with brick color, windows, doors, trim, etc. If this is the case, choose a toned-down shingle color to balance it out and prevent anyone looking at your home from being overwhelmed.
  • View shingles in all types of light
    • This may seem like common sense, but people don’t often do this. Be very thorough as you explore the fit of a shingle – put it in the sun, in the shade … and then put it by your brick in the sun and the shade …etc. This way, no matter the lighting, you house’s curb appeal will shine just as strongly.

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