As Colorado residents, we all know how the weather can seemingly change at random from day to day, week to week, or even year to year. There is a saying we have heard in Colorado, “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait five minutes.” This climate can make our job as your roofing inspectors and installers extremely strenuous, and sometimes even frustrating, but if you know how each season impacts your roof and what to do for upkeep for those times when the weather turns, you can have a safe and healthy roof for your home.

Autumn usually brings lots of leaves the the roof of your home. Rake the leaves as best you can so they do not turn into moldy mulch that invades the shingles. Over time, they rot the wood in your roof if not taken care of.

For the Winter months, make sure that you clear off your roof of the heavy snow that falls in Colorado every month. When there is more than eight inches of snow on a roof, the amount of pressure that it puts on the structure of the roof itself is immense. Please be cautious when you are on your roof but at least clear off what you can.

When Spring and Summer come around, it is important to clean the gutters when heavy rain falls. Heavy and full gutters eventually back up liquid into the shingles and cause water damage to the roof, it can get so bad that your roof might start to leak.

Even with good upkeep, your roof deteriorates over time, so contact us for a free inspection if you have any concerns.