When it is time to replace your roof, deciding what to do can be overwhelming. There are so many materials and styles to choose from! At Planet Roofing, Denver’s best roofing contractor, we are pros in all materials, and we would be happy to consult with you on what roof would be best. Give us a call today!

When considering what roof to install, here are macro-concepts to consider:

  1. Roofer terminology
    • Roofers don’t use square footage – they use “squares.” The square is their basic unit of measure, and it is one 100 square foot area. For example, a 2,000-square-foot home with a gable roof will have around 1,500 square feet of roof, which is about 15 squares.
  2. Cost
    • Of course, the cost of the new materials you choose will be an expense, but there are others to consider, too. For instance, if you need to have your old roof removed, that will be a cost. There is the possibility that the structure beneath will need to be repaired. You also need to consider the design of your roof – if you have lots of chimneys and intersecting rooflines, skylights, or turrets, the cost will go up significantly.
  3. Materials
    • This is an extensive topic, and we will address it in our next blog.
  4. Refer to your current roof
    • The existing roof of your home will likely determine the roofing material you choose. If you want to change it up, carefully consider cost, weight, texture, color, and durability. Consider what has been used on houses like yours before. Usually, the best options are used the most.

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