Welcome back to the Planet Roofing and Solar blog. We love to chat about best practices for roofing and preventing damage to your roof. In our recent blog, we talked about getting ready for the hail because the hail season is on its way.

As we discussed before, ice through the winter can be one of the roughest damages because it’s sneaky. Flying ice like hail does its damage immediately and if not attended to will expose the roof to even more damage long-term. With golf ball sized hail hitting your roof, you can see how hail does its dirty work. We have posted a ton of information on our site about preparing your roof for the next season and how to avoid the pitfalls that many homeowners fall into. We are going to do a blog review where we post a short excerpt from a couple of the more informative blogs we’ve had on residential roofing and taking care of your roof in case you would like more information on roofing. We’ll also post the link for that blog so you can read it in its entirety if you so desire.

Your Spring Cleaning Roof Checklist: Denver Roofing

“Here at Planet Roofing & Solar, we provide premium Denver residential roofing with affordable prices and trustworthy service. Ever since we opened our doors, we’ve built our process and business on and around the needs of our customers. While this winter has been unpredictable to say the least…”

The Top Roofing Mistakes You’re Likely Making

“From beginning to end, our local roofer in Denver has built a process and a business around the needs of our customers. We only hire and train the most qualified roofers in the area, so you know you are always getting a competent roofer that gets the job done correctly.”