It is said that an ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure, and at Planet Roofing, we agree. We are Denver’s residential roofing experts, and we’ve seen the punishment that roofs can take. Roofs are sacrificial – ultimately made to wear down and be replaced, but you can determine how often this happens. Prolonging the life of your roof is not complicated – as we head toward fall and winter, there are simple “ounces” of prevention you can do to slow the aging of this most vital part of your home.

  1. Trim your trees and clear the roof of branches. Trees can be especially hazardous, because wind, ice, and snow break them. They will crash into your roof and damage it.
  2. Put extra insulation in your attic as guards against ice dams. The concept behind this is that heat from your home can escape, melt snow and ice on your roof enough to slip down and block up your gutters. The water has nowhere to go but into your home – and that is the last thing you want!
  3. On the topic of preventing water from getting into your home, check the flashing (the metal pieces that cover your roof’s seams) to make sure it’s in great shape.
  4. As leaves start to fall, stay on top of clearing them from your gutters. If you don’t, you are guaranteed to get ice dams and water troubles.
  5. Look at your roof. Does it have bubbles? Is there gravel missing? Missing or damaged shingles? These are vulnerabilities that need to be amended.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and if you’re in the Denver area, Planet Roofing is your premier roofing contractor. Don’t wait – contact us today at (303) 827-1607 for free roof inspection and more!