A healthy roof is one of those things that if it is working well then we do not want or have to think about it. Even though the roof over our head is not on our mind most of the time, it is still taking a beating and eventually starts to need maintenance. At Planet Roofing, we want to encourage you to ensure the health of your roof with an inspection, and if there is damage from hail or just general wear and tear, it might be time to reroof your home. Here are some ways to know if it is time to reroof your home.

First, it is possible that your roof is nearing its normal life expectancy. Our contractors provide a timeline for our roofs and it is possible that yours is just naturally nearing the end. It is helpful to our contractors if you are aware of what roof material you have and how long it has been in use. Once the expiring year passes, even if your roof looks like it is in good condition you might want to contact us for an inspection.

Maybe, you would just like to change the look of your roof. If that is the case then our contractors offer many different tiles in all sorts of colors to fit your home.

Lastly, if there is extensive damage to your home, then regardless of the normal life expectancy of your roof, you will need to reroof right away. Call us today for an inspection.