Hello Denver,

Welcome back to our Planet Roofing and Solar blog. We are happy that you joined us on the blog today for more discussion on Denver roofing. That was a heavy dose of hail that we got yesterday. Up to golf ball sized hail was reported around Denver, and Northern Colorado got hit with significant hail yesterday as well. Insurance workers may find themselves needing to work some extra hours on claims for residential roofing damages in the days following this hail storm. Few things can do the damage that a hail storm can inflict on your home and cars. Between the wind, the moisture, and the physical beating that falling ice balls provide, your shingles and sheathing on your roof can be compromised pretty easily.

Anyhow, after a storm like that one, it’s important to schedule a roof inspection to assess any damage that may have occurred during the storm. This helps with claims in addition to helping keep your wood floors from getting damaged down the road. With the timing of this storm, we are going to do a blog review with an entry from the last year’s blog that gives some excellent tips on protecting your home and roof from the hail. If you would like to read beyond the brief excerpt that we’ve provided below to read the list, simply click the link provided.

Denver Roofing Experts: Protecting Your Home From Hail”

“With Colorado in the infamous “Hail Alley,” it’s likely you or someone you know has been affected by a strong hail storm. Here at Planet Roofing, we’re the Denver roofing experts people turn to when they need help after hail damage. Our entire company is built around the needs of our customers and our roofers are highly trained and experienced in doing the job right the first time. Don’t be afraid to call us if you’re not sure whether your roof is damaged or not – we offer free estimates and roofing inspections.”